Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hello my lovelies!
I am thinking of ending this blog. I have gotten next to no views or subscribers and I really have no clue as to what to do. I need your interaction to do anything with this blog. I need your input, what do YOU want to see? What do YOU want to hear?! Let me know! I will do this blog for one more week, if I haven't made any progress I might close it, thanks.

Hot item of the day!:

Large and colorful Chanel costume jewelry! Looks great with any outfit and with the vibrant colors it will really be flashy for an end of spring bang!


Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009

So, I'm back with another post, as promised, but I really don't have anyone following this and probably no one reading it. Oh well ^.^
I want to hear from you guys, what do YOU want to see? I can do interviews with internet famous fashionistas, review certain products, anything at all! You tell me!

HOT item of the day:
Chanel inspired cuff! These cuffs and bangles can be found at
I really think that these are cute little accessories that don't cost too much and aren't a knock-off, just inspired. Be sure to pick on up today, she has loads of variety!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brand new!

This is going to be my blog where I will be posting pictures of designer items and future trends! Be sure to stay tuned! I will be doing predictions, hot item of the day, contests, and much more!

HOT item of the day!:

Large Juicy Couture handbag with over-sized bow. These are not currently in production or for sale by Juicy Couture, but I am sure if you snoop around you will be able to find one. Remember, never buy replica/knock-off!

Stay beautiful<3